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PASSIVE - Each time anything dies within 80 units, you gain a stack. Gods, Large Jungle monsters, and Jungle bosses provide 5 stacks. At 75 Stacks Soul Eater Evolves, gaining 20 Physical Power and allowing your Physical abilities to heal you for 15% of the damage dealt. Sun Wukong leaps onto his cloud, leaving a Pet behind to fight. While on the cloud Sun Wukong is invisible, and regenerates health. He may leap off before the duration expires, dealing damage. The Pet inherits a percentage of Sun Wukong's current strength and defense.

10/07/2019 · LIMITED TIME OWLRITO MERCH NOW AVAILABLE! ONLY HERE UNTIL 7/14! /stores/incon 8,000 Gem Giveaway! Winner picked on Friday7/12, enter here! 27/12/2018 · Today we will be building Sun Wukong with 4000 hp! What should I do/play next? PO BOX ADDRESS - Jacob "Nickname here" Jankowski PO BOX 4598 Rockford,IL 61110. But a typical build would be almost exactly what he suggested above except I really like blackthorn hammer on him. I usually go for blessing usually warriors but maybe attackers in the other modes, boots, glad shield, pestilence/genjis, blackthorn, urchin, breastplate/nemean. Wukong has solid base damage and blackthorn will keep your mana full. God of the Jungle - Wukong guide. Wukong build guides on MOBAFire. League of Legends Premiere Wukong Strategy Builds and Tools. View builds, guides, stats, skill orders, runes and masteries from Pros playing Wukong o Macaco Rei. Check Wukong's stats: Games Played, Pick Rate, Win Rate, and more.

Wukong Guide for League of Legends. Champion guides for the League of Legends champion Wukong. Created and rated by players, find the best Wukong guides that will teach you which items to build, runes to select, tips and tricks for how to how to play Wukong, and of course, win the game! Smite Pro Builds, search and find builds that the Pros use in Smite. Expand your search to select your direct lane counter to get the optimal build for every match you play. Each build lists the Starting Items, Relics, and Final Builds that the Pros used in the Smite Pro League, LAN tournaments, or Ranked matches. In Queue and already know your. Smite's Arachne season 6 builds page. Browse Arachne pro builds, top builds and guides. SmiteGuru - Smite's best source for player profiles, god stats, smite matches, elo rankings, smite guides, and smite builds.

Sun Wukong, The Monkey King, is a warrior of the Chinese pantheon in Smite. Warrior, rebel, trickster, monk, Sun Wukong is known by many titles in the East, yet it. Smite's Bellona season 6 builds page. Browse Bellona pro builds, top builds and guides. SmiteGuru - Smite's best source for player profiles, god stats, smite matches, elo rankings, smite guides, and smite builds.

Monkey king on the jungle Preseason Wukong jungle Guide. Wukong build guides on MOBAFire. League of Legends Premiere Wukong Strategy Builds and Tools. You go blue smite if the enemy team has a lot of champions that could kite you or have high moblity because with this smite you can slow them so you can catche up with them fairly easy. [9.10] Yamikaze's Challenger Guide to Wukong Mid, Top, and J. Wukong build guides on MOBAFire. League of Legends Premiere Wukong Strategy Builds and Tools. I just recently started playing sun wukong and came up with a build it works pretty well but i want to hear other peoples builds. Here is my build warrior tabi, stone of gaia, death bringer, mystical mail, hide of the urchin and jotuns wrath. I usually build Transcendence on him instead of Titan's Bane, just for mana reasons. But I still don't get why BoVBoHUrchin is the "Holy trinity" of defensive items. I usually build BoV or BoH only for helping me in the laning phase. After that I'm gonna trade it for Mantle of Discord because it. After a bit of experimenting I've settled on this build: Warrior Tabi > Hide of Urchin > Jontunn's > Midgardian Mail / Runeforged > Titans Bane > Anything you want. If you are going to build a stacking item like hide of the urchin, you want to build it early so you can generate stacks.

Good YouTube videos, Smiteguru, Smitefire or just typing in Sun Wukong and searching this reddit would probably help and go a long way. I got ideas for my best Ullr build reading the weekly hunter discussion thread. Build guides for Wukong on ProGuides. Find Wukong builds, counters, guides, masteries, runes, skill orders, combos, pro builds, and statistics by top, jungle, mid, adc, and support in s9. Use the Wukong guide on ProGuides to find Win Rate, Pick Rate, Ban Rate, and Play Rate.

The best Wukong item build Season 9 starts with a Hunter's Talisman and Health Potion purchase. The first item you will build is Enchantment: Warrior followed by a Boots of Mobility purchase. The final items you will need to complete your champion item build guide are a. Sun Wukong is a Smite God released in October 2013. Check out all info about Sun Wukong, including builds, stats, lore, abilities, history and more! Sun Wukong leaps up onto his cloud, leaving a perfect decoy of himself behind to fight. While on the cloud Sun Wukong is invisible and regenerates health. He may leap off before the cloud duration expires, dealing damage to enemies. The decoy has all of Sun Wukong's current. Find a full breakdown of Wukong Jungle runes, items, and other build stats using only games from Plat matches on LeagueSpy. Find even more stats on Wukong like win rate by patch, skill order, top players, guides, and counters.

SMITE Sun Wukong Detailed Guide by Hawke34m. First, a little bit about myself. I have played a lot of Wukong. I currently have about 5500 worshipers, 500 wins, 4000 kills and 10,000 assists on him. Wukong Prime foi oficialmente revelado e lançado durante a TennoCon 2019. A cauda do Wukong Prime é mais magra e mais comprida que a da sua versão não-Prime. Prime Access de Wukong contém várias referências ao romance chinês Journey to the West, de onde Wukong é mais conhecido. SMITE > General Discussions > Topic Details. DaFoe. Nov 12, 2016 @ 5:43am Offensive Sun Wukong??? Is it possible for me to build Sun WuKong with a bumch of offence items and it actually work?? Last edited by DaFoe; Nov 12, 2016 @ 5:45am < >. Aparece com o nome de Wukong nos jogos League of Legends, com o nome de Sun Wukong nos jogos Dota 2, SMITE, Persona 5 e na série de jogos Warriors Orochi, além de um jogo para celular chamado Arena of Valor. E com o nome de Monkey King no jogo Heroes of Newerth, todos da modalidade MOBA. 07/02/2014 · Warrior, rebel, trickster, monk, Sun Wukong is known by many titles in the East, yet it was a Journey to the West that made him a hero. In his youth, Sun Wukong gained leadership of the monkey tribes, learned secret arts and spells from a Taoist monk,.

Hun Batz and Xbalanque are brothers. Hun Batz was a free starter character for every new player account created before June 20, 2013. Months before the current Sun Wukong was released, the original Sun Wukong went through a major revamp on June 20, 2013 that turned him into Hun. On this blog I will be posting various smite god builds that suite me best, this is from my personal experience and play style so not all builds I post will be relevant for you or how you play, this is just a guide that you can follow and change to your vantage, although what I recommend is what is usualy used with a few personal changes.

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